Thousands of Plants Serenaded with Christmas Carols in the UK’s Highest Tropical Garden at Landmark Pinnacle

  • Jazz artists and classical musicians from Young Classical Artist’s Trust will play Christmas carols for the 3,500 plants in Landmark Pinnacle’s spectacular tropical garden. 
  • To encourage their diverse biophilia to thrive, developers Chalegrove Properties Ltd has arranged musical performances based on Reda H E Hassanien et al.’s scientific evidence that music helps plants grow.
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Landmark Pinnacle has started their series of un-fir-gettable performances in their panoramic gardens. However, these intimate performances are not just for residents but also for the plant life which occupies the entire 27th floor of the UK’s tallest residential tower. The 3,500 plants in Landmark Pinnacle’s gardens will enjoy a festive serenade in the form of Christmas carols played by musicians from the Young Classical Artist’s Trust.

According to the Journal of Integrative Agriculture, music encourages plant growth because it promotes the division and cell wall fluidity of callus cells and significantly enhances the activity of the protective enzymes and endogenous hormones responsible for growth[1]. As plants respond differently to different types of music[2], Chalegrove Properties Ltd arranged two different performances of classical and jazz.

Head of Planting Design at Gillespies, the specialists who brought the tropical gardens at Landmark Pinnacle into fruition, Giacomo Guzzon planned the planting at Landmark Pinnacle for a year-round, multi-sensory and biophilic experience. He references the landscape architect Karl Plomin, who described working out the right ‘melody’ for a particular place. 

Giacomo Guzzon says: “All gardens are dynamic, with constant change as each plant goes through its lifecycle. Plomin said that the art of planting design is selecting plants that will flourish in the area’s conditions, complement each other and grow well together, and provide the required atmosphere through their changing composition of colour, texture, height and scent. All the elements come together in harmony, creating the right atmosphere – whether that is peace and tranquillity, or interest and excitement

At Landmark Pinnacle we’ve combined over 3,500 plants from all over the world to create two quite different melodies – the calm west-facing contemplative half, with a series of secluded lounge areas, and the west-facing play area, with a children’s trail through the vegetation and themed family zones. Think of it in terms of ‘Silent Night’ and ‘Deck the Halls, or the adagio and an allegro movements in a symphony!”

These music performances are the latest step in a care program co-ordinated by Chalegrove Properties to ensure Landmark Pinnacle’s residents and all living things enjoy a healthy and thriving gardens which allow them to connect with nature in an otherwise urban setting.